Travelling to London

6 décembre 2017

London could be argued as the global hub of the UK, with its bursting variety of culture and diversity, making it a must see location. The city is extremely assessable from all corners of the UK by using many different types of transport including plane, car, train and coach.

Travelling by Plane

This is by far the most expensive method of transport, however if you have a large budget this will be perfect for you as you can travel from Manchester to London Heathrow in just one hour. There are also many carriers to choose from including British Airways, who have many flights each day from £49 each way including hand baggage. London Heathrow is located 20 miles west of Central London, however there are many other different transport links to get there including the train, tube, coach, bus and taxi. The most popular option being the tube, which leaves Heathrow every few minutes and travels on the Piccadilly line costing £5.50 to Central London taking approximately 50 minutes.

Travelling by Train

This is probably the most popular way of travelling to London, as reasonable prices and quicker journey times makes this a lot more accessible for many people. To ensure you get the best price make you book well in advance and use websites such as thetrainline.com, who offer many discounted tickets. The majority of major cities now offer direct routes to London, making it easier than ever to travel by train.

Travelling by Car

This may be the easiest way to travel to London, as you can leave whenever you wish and take any route using the UK’s extensive motorway network. However, once you reach Central London there may be some issues, as parking can often be quite difficult especially if you don’t know where your going. Also London has a congestion charge which applies to most drivers between 7am and 6pm, Monday to Friday in Central London. This means that if your not careful you may face an unexpected charge, however the charging zone is clearly marked and so you should just keep a good look out for them.

Travelling by Coach

This is probably the most cheapest way of travelling to London and coaches are available from almost everywhere in the UK. However, these journeys take longer than any other form of transport and often may have a waiting time added to the journey. Victoria Coach Station is the main coach destination within the heart of London, and is extremely close to Victoria railway and tube station for more access to the city. Popular coach companies include National Express and Megabus, who both offer great deals with prices from £1.

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