Travel Europe Tips : Scheduling a trip to Europe?

6 décembre 2017

Scheduling a trip to Europe? Beyond the excitement and the dreams of beautiful, romantic cities looms the reality of taking your plans and turning them into an enjoyable vacation. Europe has inspired countless artists, writers and romantics over the ages and with good reason. The land is rich with history and beauty.

After you arrive, you have a number of transportation options. If you plan to explore a major city, then you will do well armed with little more than a map and a few taxi rides.

If you want to move across several countries, traveling along main thoroughfares, then there is no better network of trains in the world.

Exploring the little-known  Browserspiele Rollenspiele villages of yesteryear and getting off the beaten path will probably require renting a vehicle for your stay. Most major European countries will accept American drivers as long as your visit is less than a few months.

Urban areas are full of people fluent in English and getting around is fairly straightforward. Tourist areas usually have plenty of English signage for easy navigating. In more rural areas, it’s wise to pack a small translation guide and a sense of humor. Most folks are more than willing to help you, even if it takes some creative charades to communicate with each other.

Pickpockets and purse-snatchers are common in tourist areas and crowded metro stations. Violent crimes are rare in most European countries, but avoid provoking strangers and never insult a person’s cultural or ethnic origins.

Make copies of your passport and driver’s license and keep them in a separate location just in case something happens to the originals. Immediately contact the nearest consulate.

To save money, look for local hot spots away from the tourist traps and enjoy mingling with the beautiful European natives. Soon, you’ll feel like one of them.

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