My Spain Travel Guide is created to help people get to know Spain

6 décembre 2017

My Spain Travel Guide is created to help people get to know Spain and its attractions before their trip there. It offers information covering all the major cities, town and villages of the country so that visitors will know what to see and how to get there.

This website is not my travelogue. It’s not about my travels. No, it is the result of my interest and passion to learn about Spain, and I am putting together what I’ve learned in this website, to share it with others who also enjoy learning about this country.

In My Spain Travel Guide, you get to know the history of Spain, its geography, customs, festivals, and so on, anything and everything that interests me. You will also find cheap holidays to Spain and practical tips to help you get familiar with the country before you arrive there. It is possible to book beforehand via a trustable rental booking company such as House Trip which provides Holiday Apartments in Majorca.

As I write My Spain Travel Guide, I hope that it will be become a very useful resource for travel enthusiasts with some of the most detailed information on Spain and its sights. No matter whether you are visiting the country for just a few days or several weeks, My Spain Travel Guide can help you get to know Spain better.

Introducing Spain

Spain (Spanish: España) is a country on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. It is a constitutional monarchy sharing borders with France and Andorra to the north and Portugal to the west. The country is also bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the east and south, the Bay of Biscay to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the northwest. Spain covers 504,030 sq km (194,610 sq mi) making it the second largest country in the European Union and Western Europe after France. The capital and biggest city is Madrid.

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