How to choose your freeride skis

4 décembre 2017

When you enjoy the powder, the black runs, and we began to quench his thirst for adventure from the top of the white peak, we may not want to let go of his sticks. Freeride down a freshly snow-covered mountain, on winding paths, in narrow corridors between the rocks … it’s indeed the dream of every skier. Of course it takes a lot of courage to make your first slaloms for several hundred meters above sea level, but you need especially adapted equipment to avoid any risk of accident.

In short, it all starts with the choice of skis, and not just any skis : freeride skis that have quite different characteristics from other blade models. So, how to proceed?


The freerider is the one who faces the off-piste journeys of ski areas or outside the conventional framework, with a zest of bravery, a good knowledge of the kind of environments on which he « rides », and without doubt an excellent aptitude for anticipation . Indeed, he will have to ski, chained jumps and figures in more or less wild places, not necessarily trodden by other skiers, so without markers and without security … This athlete gives free rein to his passion, his techniques and his style. where the name of this new discipline that begins to find his playing field in international competitions (including the famous Freeride World Tour).

Obviously, to achieve this, the freeride skier is no less obliged to direct his choice towards dedicated equipment, allowing the practitioner to realize his movements, but especially to ensure his safety, even that of others (against the risks avalanche). Freeride skis are specially designed for this extraordinary material. Previously an esoteric discipline, freeride is now acclaimed by the same brands that design entire ranges for each level of freeriders.


In general, at the base, ski equipment designed for freeride is versatile, knowing that the routes on which the freerider slips are often not uniform. We can fall on groomed trails, as we ride on powder then bumps … As time goes by, with the observation of some types of course and the habits of skiers, ski brands have composed their ranges differently, knowing that even while being 100% freerider, the skier can also enjoy some moments on the tracks of the stations. Some types of freeride skis stand out.

A little differentiation is to be made as to the level of the riders. There will be models to favor for those who roam the off-piste for the first time and those who have some expertise. Overall, the beginner will probably have to move towards more versatile models allowing him to juggle between freeride and a slide on track. The confirmed freerider will be filled with different types of fat skis (such as the highly acclaimed Squad 7 from Rossignol) that will allow him to satisfy his needs of strong sensation.

More technically, freeride skis for « newbie » tend to be lighter and of a smaller size, while having a profile more suited to hard or groomed snow. For great fans and experts, the skis chosen will have wider skates to provide excellent lift on the powder and unstable paths, with a longer length for greater safety when sliding at high speed. In any case, to properly choose freeride skis, it is often best to do in-store testing or use a reliable online size guide.

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