An exceptional experience: a colorful journey to the heart of india

4 décembre 2017

A popular destination for lovers of travel and culture, India is a veritable vestige of history and exoticism. The monuments, the food and the thousand colors of the Maharaja country make this place a unique experience in terms of travel.

By going directly on our website one can prepare one’s stay in the country of spices in a very short time. Discovering the memorable celebrations, the 7th wonder of the world and the various dishes to be tasted imperatively. A travel plan is then dedicated specifically for India.


The Holi festival is an event not to be missed during a stay in India. It consists of throwing powders of different colors with water in the streets. A Hindu event marking the end of winter and the coming of spring. At this time of year, tourists flock to the neighborhoods of India to experience this display of joy of life and good mood. Because in addition to throwing colors the streets are noisy and very lively. This kind of event makes India a place for cultural and religious discovery. The day of Holi symbolizes all the historical beauty of a whole country and the religious values ​​that still persist.


The Taj Mahal is a historical monument of the fruit of the labors of the Templars who built it in the old days. It is the seventh wonder of the world visited in the city of Agra. The summer temperature of the country being very favorable to the tourist visits and other activities of discovery. A trip to India begins with the exploration of this historic site on the edge of the famous Yamuna River. This setting offers an exotic charm to any getaway in this place where religion and culture still take a big place in society. By programming a guided tour of the Taj Mahal with an agency, we have the opportunity to know the real story around its construction.


Many backpackers opt for a group or individual trip, but for India a couple getaway is highly recommended. The north of India in Rajasthan is the favorite place of cities with archaic charms that reflect its ancient beauty. A discovery that is done in two furrowing these neighborhoods blue houses of Jodhpur, a city of Rajasthan. This kind of adventure is one of the most unusual experiences in the land of the Maharajas. Couples even choose to spend their honeymoon in this part of the country to live a very sensory and spiritual journey. It is indeed a travel experience that is organized in no time if we stay well informed.

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